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Charlie's posts are few and far between these days, with the star uploading roughly once every two months.The 26-year-old is steaming ahead with close to 2.4 million followers on his You Tube channel.Following his success in 2011, Charlie was offered a place on Celebrity Big Brother - but turned it down.Charlie seems to have made the most of his position as You Tube royalty and has supported several campaigns and charities including UNICEF, Cancer Research and the Home Office's "This Is Abuse" drive to educate people on the importance of consensual sex.THESE days a million subscribers on You Tube is child's play compared to Zoella's army of 11million or Pew Die Pie's 55million.But well before You Tube numbers blew up, there was Charlie Mc Donnell, the first UK vlogger to hit 1million followers.

His skills as a musician would also feature on the channel, as well as away from the screen, with Charlie featuring in a variety of bands.

I don't think me and kitty mug are going to make it onto the cover, but I do love this pic.

(📷 by @jimmylazergram / @apeincltd) A post shared by Charlie Mc Donnell (@coollike) on The vlogging sensation hangs out with a lot of other social media stars, he used to present weekday You Tube breakfast show Cereal Time with Jimmy Hill.

He was romantically linked to fellow internet celebrity Bryarly Bishop from 2011 until 2013.

On 15 June 2011, his You Tube channel charlieissocoollike became the first in the UK to reach one million subscribers, and in May 2013, his channel reached two million subscribers.

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