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I bet you people have only had meaningful kisses in your life under the f*cking shining moon with the f*cking love of your life... numero#$#%% all you layomi and whitney/sara haters can Another clue that it may not be recent is Lauren's hair color.I think when dalloway opened her hair was that discussing beach blond and even now you can still see forces of it in her roots and the pink is now lighter.I knew we'd discuss her co-star, porn superpower Kayden Kross, but what I didn't expect was that Tucky would be such a delight; she's so smart and spirited. Do you write your own sexual fantasies into the scripts?Tucky Williams: I'm so glad we are talking about sex!Sara said herself in the interview with Tracey and Stamie a few months aga, that just because she and Whitney are married doesn't mean that they won't put their tongues in other people's mouths. I don't agree with it but, I'm not in their relationship. When they see you post something that's inappropriate...are out. When they see you post something that's inappropriate...are out. NUMERO TRES: This f*cking board will get banned again!!!Holy shittttttt hmmm Ok NUMERO UNO: who the fuck do you bitches think you are to judge sara's and whit relationship? they are married and consenting, and a KISS IS JUST A KISS and it was for fun so NUMERO DOS: lmaooooo at the JB/K/Amanda dramaramaaa it is sooo OBVIOUS all the exes are posting nasty pictures here to hurt amanda... hahahaaa so STOP POSTING PICS of cray cray JB now!!Sara posted a pic of her kissing Amanda knowing the ex would see it!!! Romi kissing whit knowing that Sara was watching and still in love with whit???

Full disclosure: My primary motivation for doing this interview was that I wanted to find out what it's like to write the sex scenes that you know you have to perform later.Ashley1624, i didn't write shit bout you, you are the one coming to me with sh** Look i don't know what your problem is but i don't know if you don't understand what is written and what is not. Of course i know and since i know i didn't say or mention them to be anything just as a possible mailwoman since she is friends with Whitney and Sada ( if we take the assumption Whitney is as you said before is right and then none else can't see it .Because of this i assume you have bad eyesight ) and yes mailwoman in a ironic way.I have nothing against Whitney and Sara, and I hope that they have a wonderful marriage, but I don't understand all of the hatred towards Kiyomi. This forum is saturated all day with the Whitney and Sara crazed fans, while most of us have to work to make a living.It has been months since the show, and she seems like a good person that has been completely faithful to Lauren. I know there are other Layomi and Hunter Valentine fans out there.

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