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Clear skin and straight hair might make a woman more attractive in Japan, but in remote corners of the globe, women are judged by different criteria.

On the National Geographic Channel's show Taboo, cameras document some of the world's most extreme beauty practices.

Known as Japanese hair straightening, hair correcting or thermal reconditioning, this technique uses chemical creams and flat irons to straighten wavy hair.

According to The Times of India, one of the cubs saw him in the cage and jumped on him before biting his neck. An official at the zoo said: 'When [Anji] started screaming, the tigers got enraged and took him into the safari area.

He succumbed to the injuries.' Anji, who goes by one name, was a daily wage worker and was hired by the national park on October 1 to fill in for a staff member after quitting his previous job as a security guard.

In Japan, women are faced with a different barrage of products.

Mara brought a few back to Chicago to show Oprah and her audience.

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Two years ago a keeper was injured by lions in the park, according to the Press Trust of India, quoting Kumar.

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