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The updated Wardrobe System allows you to collect appearances and dyes as well as mix and match your wardrobe from a virtual archive of looks. All features are still being coded and are not guaranteed to launch with 3.2 but we are trying very hard to make it happen. But since these collections are region wide, the shield appearances will be usable on my alt Warrior. Once the wardrobe appearance has been unlocked, you no longer have to hold onto that item; you are then free to do what you like with it such as sell, salvage, runebreak, or destroy it. When any weapon, equipment, or costume is added to your inventory, its appearance is automatically “collected” and unlocked for you, even if you can’t wear it.This patch was now installing properly and people were not running into any sort of boot loop issues on their system.This patch brought other changes like Like all other updates on Windows 10, this patch was also being injected on systems worldwide through an automatic update.

We're looking into the possibility of pushing an additional, very tiny patch designed to ensure the Cross-Play feature is "on" but we do not yet know if this will be possible. Windows 10 came with some really nice features that were not only great for desktop users, but, this time, Microsoft had actually found a proper way to integrate support for touch-based system on Windows 10 and both desktop, as well as touch experiences, were kept separate from each other this time which allowed users to use Windows 10 the way they want to use it. Several bugs made sure that people run into all sorts of issues from time to time.But Microsoft has been quite active in releasing fixes related to these bugs.Use “/wardrobe 1” to display your Wardrobe Set 1, etc.Each item slot to the left of your character now functions as a button.

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