New celebrity dating show the choice expect dating russian man

Imagine the party girl, who ends up with Bloom, the guy with his head together that proved there is life after sports.

Imagine the bookworm getting paired up with Gronkowski, and just wanting to go to a quiet, romantic dinner instead of doing body shots.

As a male, I can’t really comment on whether or not any of these athletes is “dating material”…man, this could result in awkward situations.

Imagine the look of terror in a woman’s face when she realizes she just won a date with Sapp or Suh, both of whom have killed numerous quarterbacks in their day.

Well, a number of athletes are going to be on the show, and the choices FOX made are…. The athletes that will be appearing are Warren Sapp, Jeremy Bloom, Seth Wescott, Ndamukong Suh, and Rob Gronkowski. -Warren Sapp is a loudmouth, bankrupt, NFL Network analyst who owes his ex-wife six figures in alimony.-Jeremy Bloom is a former NFL player and skiier who’s worked as an analyst for NBC (during the 2010 Winter Olympics) and Fox Sports (for college football).

He is the founder of, which just got a huge investment from Comcast-Seth Wescott is an Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, and hasn’t done a whole lot outside of his snowboarding career-Ndamukong Suh is an NFL player with a violent reputation who was suspended and fined last year for stomping an opponent-Rob Gronkowski is an NFL player who is supremely talented on the field, and a ridiculous partier off the field Ah, such a diverse group.

We did have drama, and there was crying and laughing and a lot of making out, but it wasn’t constant.

“The other women were really at a point where they did not want to shoot with me,” she tells Fox411. Kind of like what happened to my friend Kristen on New York Housewives.” The tipping point, Glanville says, came when she jokingly slapped co-star Lisa Vanderpump across the face. “This season, when you are watching ‘Housewives,’ you get to see the Lisa I knew from Day One and how strategic and planning [she is],” Glanville says. GLANVILLE: I am a Scorpio so I am a little bit crazy. ” And my friends would be like, “Brandi, you are being crazy. He adores you.” Then it turns out I was right the whole time. FOX411: How did being on “Famously Single” help you find love again?

PHOTOS: Eligible A-list singles "What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format," the network's alternative series president Mike Darnell tells of the series, hosted by — and listen to the sexy singles try to woo them.

Three rounds later, the celeb will have settled on their potential love match.

The show is similar to The Voice in content, with the celebrities judging the potential dates based on everything but their looks.

If there was anything the world really needed, it was another reality show, especially another dating reality show.

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And as cheesy as they’ve been, the brave souls who go on these shows have provided us with some of the most addicting guilty pleasures ever. Whether you genuinely enjoy watching hopeless romantics getting dumped on TV or stripping down to find their perfect match, check out some of the most enjoyable dating shows from the past 20 years.

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