Intimidating russian names

But many Russian names were transliterated according to the French language in the past, and transliteration on the basis of French was the norm for names and surnames in our travel passports until recently.

As a result, French-oriented transliteration variants of Russian names are still common.

These were the days when Hollywood decided that since the USSR was big, everything in it, from the guns to the people, must be big as well.

The thought of an undefeated Russian boxer was so intimidating, in fact, that Stallone couldn’t bear to finish his surname when he was writing the screenplay.

Modern ways of rendering Russian names into English try to preserve, as much as possible, both the pronunciation and the recognizable written look of the original Russian name.

From protagonists with no surname to villains named after guns, let us explore Hollywood’s history of Russian names.

Played by the very un-Russian Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren, Ivan Drago was designed to be the ultimate stereotypical representative of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

There are also cases in which single H is not pronounced in English. The variants AYEV, IYEV, OYEV seem to be more correct, but the variants AEV, IEV, OEV are still very common.

The most common typical variants of spelling for Russian names in English are given in the tables below. (Read about different types of English names in English Names in the section Vocabulary.) Aleksandrovich, Alekseyevich, Anatolyevich, Andreyevich, Antonovich, Arkadyevich, Artemovich, Borisovich, Denisovich, Dmitriyevich, Fedorovich, Filippovich, Georgiyevich, Grigoryevich, Ignatyevich, Igorevich, Ilyich, Ivanovich, Konstantinovich, Leonidovich, Lvovich, Maksimovich, Matveyevich, Mikhailovich, Nikitich, Nikolayevich, Olegovich, Pavlovich, Petrovich, Romanovich, Semyonovich, Sergeyevich, Stepanovich, Timofeyevich, Valeryevich, Vasilyevich, Victorovich, Vitalyevich, Vladimirovich, Vyacheslavovich, Yakovlevich, Yegorovich, Yevgenyevich, Yuryevich.

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