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“It’s for safety, because they are all first time swimmers,” I explained to myself. Secondly, we didn’t have the money to buy a house yet, let alone a house in a good school district.

These little puff-chested, frog-like kids quickly tip-toed to the other end of the pool, their bodies shaking from the cold. When they reached the high diving board, the coach yelled, “Stop! What excited Henry the most was a supermarket called Ding Hao where he could find Chinese food; for me, it was the library.

I had a phobia of deep water myself, so I could imagine how water could be as scary as a monster to a child. She will be fine with the jacket.” The young man smiled at me indifferently. Students have to be at the top of their class and pass a rigorous entrance examination.

Like a stone, she dropped into the water with a big splash. I ran to the side of the pool, Anelise shot up on the surface of the water, floating.Anelise and her classmate, a Korean girl, took the same route to go home.The girl’s grandpa and I would let them play on the merry-go-round.Neither of us spoke much English, so the way we communicated was through smiles and laughter, but at least we both knew “hi” and “bye.”I was very impressed by a huge park located in the south part of the city, Cerritos Regional Park.An irregularly shaped artificial lake lapped at the open green lawn.

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