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That set the pattern for Greek settlement over the next two hundred years.

Thanks to this royal grant, the brothers remained in London for many years.Seventy years old, a native of Athens, he lies here." I O M TEMPLVM VETVSTATE CONLABSVM AQVILINVS AVG LIB ET MERCATOR ET AVDAX ET GRAEC RESTITVER "For Jupiter Best and Greatest, this temple, collapsed through old age, was restored by Aquilinus, freedman of the emperor, a trader, a man of courage, a Greek." and two dedicatory plaques found in York beneath what is now the railway station stating that: ΩΚΕΑΝΟΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΘΥΙ ΔΕΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ "To Oceanus and Tethys, Demetrius [dedicates this]." and THEOIS TOIS TOU HEGEMONIKOU PRAITORION SCRIBONIOS DEMETRIOS "To the gods of the governor's headquarters, Scribonius Demetrius [dedicates this]." As far north as Cumbria, we find the tomb of Hermes of Commagene: "Let some traveller, on seeing Hermes of Commagene, aged 16 years, sheltered in the tomb by fate, call out: I give you my greetings, lad, though mortal the path of life you slowly tread, for swiftly have you winged your way to the land of the Cimmerian folk.Nor will your words be false, for the lad is good, and you will do him a good service." In the 7th century, following the death of the previous holder of the post, the Greek Theodore of Tarsus was appointed Head of the Anglican Church as Archbishop of Canterbury (669 AD); he played an important part in the early history of England, building churches and monasteries and establishing theological studies.The descendants of the imperial Palaeologus dynasty carved out a niche as mercenary officers in Britain, and their tombs are still visible in locations as far apart – both geographically and in terms of social standing – as Westminster Abbey and Landulph parish church, Cornwall.Early Modern Greco-Britons were not solely soldiers.

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