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And one of the best responses: Weird reasoning – but I suppose if they think that music comes from the devil and people who enjoy it are going to roast in hell for all eternity, they don’t want their precious church sullied with it.

I hope the faithful have plenty of money to keep the building going without infidels’ money!

The Humanists’ source was the : ‘Proms conductor in row with musicians’ church after it bans “non-religious” concerts‘, which piled in a day later with ‘Don’t ban secular music from churches – you can’t tell me God doesn’t love Schubert‘.

Even caught on, churning the story with ‘Musicians’ Church bans non-Christian music‘. What are cheerful feelings in the countryside compared to the ecstasy of ‘Thine Be The Glory’?

If that wording is an accurate quotation, it was an ill-conceived and ill-phrased letter, for it conveys to respected, honoured and God-gifted musicians that their performance is not worship; that their art is somehow unacceptable when (or because) it is ‘non-religious’.

Hiring will continue as previously planned for the rest of 2017, and all existing bookings for 2018 will be honoured.

An increasingly busy programme of worship and church activities has led to ever higher demands on the church space, and the hire space is also shared with the church administration office.

And so it became truth: secular media sanctified by Christian media. 6; and also to Henry Wood’s ‘Fantasia on British Sea Songs’. And as for a crass medley of bugle calls, hornpipes and ‘Rule Britannia!

The Church of St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in Holborn, London, the Musicians’ Church – where the ashes of Sir Henry Wood, the master builder and originating conductor of The Proms, are interred – has closed its ears to Schubert’s Piano Quintet in A; and to Chopin’s Prelude, Op. ’, well, anything that encourages honking and hooters and racist jingoism isn’t very sacred, is it?

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He said: “What this current vicar seems to be saying is that music is OK so long as it’s part of a worship service.

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