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This is why you parents have been sending us your sons. You will have the opportunity later to meet his replacement, Mr. And who, for the past several years, has been teaching at the highly regarded Chester School in London. INT CHURCH ENTRANCE - DAY Mr Nolan stands by the entrance, speaking with each family as they leave.

An organ begins to play as the old man goes forward with shaking hands to the young boys in the front pew.

He pulls some papers from his blazer pocket and playfully whacks Todd across the back with it.

Charlie turns around and looks at Meeks who is just entering.

HAGER is standing in his room doorway while SPAZ and his father are going over some last minute precautions over the boy's allergies. And if he had trouble breathing you can give him some of those.

Oh, and if he can't swallow you give him one of these. Hager takes the bottles and quickly backs into his room, shutting the door.

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