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(2011) Insights into the Galápagos plume from Uranium-series isotopes of recently erupted basalts. Magma evolution in the primitive, intra-oceanic Tonga arc: rapid petrogenesis of dacites at Fonualei volcano. doi:10.1093/petrology/egs005 Gertisser, R., Self, S., Thomas, L., , Turner, S., Berlo, K., Beier, C., Saal, A. Invitation to the Prime Minister's Prize for Science Dinner, Parliament House, Canberra. MQRIBG Microscope (CI) (,522) AAPG Grant for oxygen isotope analysis at Royal Holloway, UK (£1485).

Asthenospheric control of melting processes in a monogenetic basaltic system: A case study of the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand. Lectures on Intrusive rocks and Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards. 2014: LEAP Refugee mentoring Macquarie University Experience Day. Insights into the Galápagos plume from Uranium-series isotopes of recently erupted basalts. Undergraduate course convener, lecturer, supervisor and lab tutor: GEOS125: Earth Dynamics.1st Year Undergraduate Course. Lecturer and practical class tutor GEOS343: Magmas, Ores and Geochemistry. 2015: Invited Judge for the Australian FIRST Robotics Competition. Two talks about my career and experience as a scientist. Dynamics and pre-eruptive conditions of catastrophic, ignimbrite-producing eruptions from the Yenkahe Caldera, Vanuatu. Identification of the sources of metal (lead) contamination in drinking waters in north-eastern Tasmania using lead isotopic compositions.

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Considerations for U-series dating of sediments: insights from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

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