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Therefore, to optimize Canada's risk management approach, there is the need to target risks for preventive actions not only according to their likelihood and potential impact, but also according to the expected benefits and return on investment from those actions.

The billion figure included disease control costs, primary and processing sector impacts, tourism and non-agriculture-related impacts, and trade-loss opportunity impacts.If it is to ensure protection of plant and animal health across all regions of the country, ongoing public trust, and sustained support to economic growth and international trade, Canada's approach will need to better integrate partners' efforts and be more proactive in adjusting to a range of increasingly complex and evolving challenges, for example: As a key deliverable under the Emergency Management Framework for Agriculture in Canada that was established in July 2016, federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) ministers of agriculture asked partners to work collaboratively to develop an integrated strategy to prevent and mitigate risks to plant and animal resources.In developing this strategy (the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada), partners set out a collective vision, guiding principles, and objectives for improving Canada's ability to respond to changing needs, challenges and opportunities.The approach includes a diverse set of activities such as assessing and managing risks to plants and animal health; setting, implementing and enforcing standards and rules; controlling imports; detecting and monitoring emerging and endemic pests, diseases and other health risks; preparing for emergencies; and taking action to minimize impacts and promote resilience when emergencies do occur.While Canada's current approach has a strong foundation, it also has vulnerabilities, increasing challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

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This diagram of the partners that are involved in plant and animal health depicts a pie chart with three equal-sized and interconnected pieces.

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