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This book your computer to work with the looser languages used by humans (like English) instead of the stricter counterparts used by machines.

The content available so far gives you a brief background on the relevant parts of language — grammar, pragmatics, discourse analysis, etc.

“Despite what we see on TV, the presence of a firearm is a greater risk, especially in the hands of an untrained person,” said Chipman.

“The question is: If you see someone running out of a gas station with a gun in their hand, do you want an untrained person jumping out and opening fire?

Although Parker was armed and held a concealed carry permit, he stayed hiding in a classroom.Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. When you see “I am a sentence I am another sentence,” you know that you’re really looking at two different sentences even though the period between “sentence” and “I” is missing.If you try something similar with the computer (try leaving the semi-colon off in C or miss an indent in Python, for example), you’ll get a nasty error message.With a new wave of hip-hop utterly dominant on streaming platforms, a genre once shunted to the sidelines of festivals or overpriced bottle-service clubs may finally be coming into its own as a festival phenomenon.One can often hear the phrase, “modern Java Script”.

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