Dating when he doesnt call back

He would at least try to make you feel nice and beautiful, unless he’s just a player and is talented with stringing many girls at the same time.

He has little regard for your feelings or about who you are – If he does not love you, he can ask you stuff about yourself but never seem to fully listen. But if you’re acting normal and he still just ditches you around then maybe it’s time to think twice about your relations with him.

They can be obnoxious or sloppy but they are his buddies so if he thinks you’re the one he would make a way for you to get to meet them.

He ignores you – Well this is the total sign that the guy you’re eyeing just doesn’t love you.

Maybe, he thought it would be great to go out with you’re for one or two dates or even three but that’s about it.On the other hand, you can always reclaim the power and make him fall in love with you.Hmmm that would be a great to write about in my next post.Falling in love can be a roller-coaster ride, especially if you’re wondering if you and the guy you’re seeing also feels the same way about you.You spend countless nights moping in your bed wondering if he has also the same feelings for you.

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