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In 1996, he composed the score for the film which starred his bandmate Jenny Lewis, but the movie failed to be distributed throughout the United States or Canada based on a lawsuit by Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire, who also appeared in the film. If you were ever watching an episode of something on television and said “Isn’t that Donkey Lips? Unlike a lot of the Shorts alum, he’s pretty active on social media, even running (kind of) his own movie review blog.

Di Caprio and Maguire claimed they made the film as a favor to friend, but never actually intended it to be seen. He really likes And for the low price of 5 bucks, you can get an autographed picture of him on e Bay.

Shelter Dogs is so new that their twitter currently has 16 followers. If you like self-described “Ass kickin’ rock and roll with heart”, you might dig them.

Winner: From an industry perspective, Donkeylips has been the most visible.

Soon after forming Rilo Kiley, alongside the drummer Jason Boesel and bassist Pierre de Reeder, Sennett and Lewis became an item, only to split acrimoniously two years later. "We've been living on top of one another for too long, and we're both quite edgy at the moment," says Sennett.

Such a turn of events might have signalled the end for a lesser band, but Rilo Kiley are made of sturdy stuff and were not prepared to let such a trifling matter as a relationship meltdown get in the way of their art. "We wouldn't want to expose you to that." Rilo Kiley's apparent overnight success has actually taken years.

When both shows wrapped, he focused on music – and was pretty darn successful with it.

Indie rock fans might not know that Blake is the the lead guitarist for the band Rilo Kiley, as well as the lead singer and guitarist for his alt-rock side project the Elected.

Neither she nor the Rilo Kiley lead guitarist has commented on the report.As she approaches her 40th birthday next year, Winona Ryder says she is finally ready to settle down.In a – says during her non-working time she lives in San Francisco, where she hangs with other artists. "There's a lot of cute writers up there," she says. " Though she has been MIA for the last decade since she was arrested for shoplifting ,760 worth of goods at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, she has a few buzzed-about upcoming projects — including (out Jan. PHOTOS: Gwyneth, Winona - and other shocking BFF breakups "After these movies, which were a real gift to me, work breeds work," she tells the paper.(She was probably busy hosting SNL or something.) Heidi Lucas as Dina Alexander Dina was the popular girl on camp.In the mid-90’s, Heidi was featured on an episode of ? Just like Pinsky, he’s also been in a band or two – notably Bad4Good ( a teenage heavy metal band formed by guitarist Steve Vai – and yes, you totally have permission to laugh over that) and currently – as in, this year – a band called Shelter Dogs.

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"There were a few years where the only thing I was getting offered was [slasher movies].

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