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Lake Sevan Region This region is centered on the beautiful, 2,000-meter-high Lake Sevan, which is surrounded by ancient monuments, churches, monasteries, and popular beaches.Highlights include the largest khachkar cemetery in the world, the beaches near Sevanavank Monastery, and the countless fish and crayfish restaurants along the shores.The Debed River Canyon contains many of these, and the remote Shamshadin region is a glimpse of a virtually unvisited and beautiful Armenia.Southern Armenia A particularly beautiful section of Armenia stretching south to the Iranian border with interesting caves and more remote, beautiful Christian monuments.Central Armenia The political center of Armenia contains much of the country's museums and cultural venues in Yerevan, the religious center of Echmiadzin, the 4100 m high volcano Aragats and the Monasteries of Geghard and Khor Virap.Much of this region consists of the flat and dry Ararat valley, though the hidden beauty of Khosrov Preserve is rarely visited.The ethnic Armenian population has close links with Armenia and the region is only accessible via Armenia.

Northern Armenia Bordering Georgia to the north, this mountainous region includes numerous, wonderfully beautiful, and isolated churches and monasteries.Highlights include Tatev Monastery, Noravank Monastery, Mozrov Cave, Selim Caravanserai and the thousands of petroglyphs atop Ughtasar Mountain.Nagorno-Karabakh A de facto independent republic that had been part of Azerbaijan before the Karabakh War.However, relations soured in the late nineteenth century which saw various massacres of Armenians.This culminated in the Ottomans' reputation being thoroughly ruined during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.

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Armenia became the world's first Christian country in 301 AD.

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